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Gnome 3 vs KDE 4 in Fedora GNU/Linux

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Fedora 16 KDE Review: Gnome 3 vs KDE 4

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| After playing with Gnome 3 under Fedora 16 and openSUSE 12.1, which made me a 
| happy GNU/Linux user. I tried to see the issues people have with Gnome 3, most 
| issues are not about 'status-quo' these issues are genuine so I looked at the 
| alternative and tried to see how suitable is the second most popular Desktop 
| Environment, KDE, for a Gnome user. I am writing this review as an average 
| user. Advanced users know what they need - they are like mountaineers, they 
| don't much care about such things. So, let's see how good is Fedora 16 KDE for 
| an average Gnome user.
| Gnome 3 Is In The Same Boat As KDE
| The beauty of Linux is 'diversity'. You can have what you want as you are not 
| stuck in the one-size-fits all model. There are couple of DEs (desktop 
| environments) you can try if you are not happy with the one that comes with 
| your OS. Fortunately, most leading distros, including Ubuntu, Fedora and 
| openSUSE come with almost all the top DEs to choose from. Gnome and KDE are 
| the most popular ones.

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