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Rave Review of Linux Mint 12

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Linux Mint 12: A Great desktop Linux stays Great

,----[ Quote ]
| Installing Mint is a snap. All you need do is download the ISO, burn it to a 
| CD, DVD, or USB stick and then re-boot your computer with it and follow the 
| instructions. On my PCs, the entire process took about half-an-hour. One nice 
| thing about Mint, and other Linux distros, is that theyâll work well on old 
| PCs with as little as 512MBs of RAM. For most people though Iâd recommend 
| running Mint on a system with at least 1GB of memory.
| You cannot though do an in-place update of Mint 11. Thatâs by design. Mintâs 
| developers feel that if you just upgrade an already existing Linux, youâre 
| likely to carry forward potential problems or out of date software. So, youâll 
| need to back up and restore your home directories and files. I did this by 
| backing them up to an attached USB drive. Itâs a trifle annoying, but itâs not 
| really a big deal.

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