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Re: $229.99 Linux Tablet (Iconia)

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____/ Sinister Midget on Tuesday 29 Nov 2011 01:20 : \____

> On 2011-11-28, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> Get an Acer Iconia 10-inch tablet for $229.99
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| And come on: $229.99?! That's only $30 more than you'd pay for a 7-inch
>>| Kindle Fire. And it's $20 less than the Nook Tablet. If you're in the market
>>| for a 10-inch slate, this is without question the deal to beat.
>> `----
>> http://news.cnet.com/8301-13845_3-57330701-58/get-an-acer-iconia-10-inch-tablet-for-$229.99/?part=rss&subj=latest-news&tag=title
> I have two (2) of the Iconia A100s. (I've said before that I prefer 7"
> models due to portability.) I like them more than any of the others
> that I've tried.
> However, there are a few downsides that are probably also true of the
> A500.
> 1. It doesn't like to work well with linux. There's a way, but it's
> extremely slow, uses a lot of CPU power when running it, and it takes a
> very long time before all of the files are even populated in the
> mounted directory.
> 2. It has sync software. Mac and Windross only. Which is curious
> considering the relationship between the installed software and the
> machine someone like me would want to sync it to.
> 3. The SD card. It uses internal storage to mount its own internal SD
> card. (Another, lower-cost tablet I have does the same thing.) You can
> use an external one, no problem. But it defaults to (and I have found
> no way to alter this yet) the internal memory it has set as the SD
> card. Also, you can't move apps to the SD card (either one) and run
> them from there the way most other tablets (Android 2.2.1+) do it. When
> I install things I get notices that they can be moved to the SD card.
> But when I actually got to do it, there's no such option.
> In spite of those things, I like the tablet. Enough to buy a second one.
> 1. It's faster than the others I've used.
> 2. It has more builtin memory and storage, so not being able to move
> apps hasn't been a hindrance so far.
> 3. Movies and videos stream much better and smoother. The rendering is
> fantastic, too, thanks to NVidia components.
> 4. I can get past not being able to sync or connect to linux easily by
> moving the SD card manually. I can also use Dropbox and the Amazon
> cloud to get things back and forth without any problems.
> 5.The touchscreen has yet to give me any false touches (touch in one
> area and it selects something else, often the last thing you selected
> before that).
> 6. It's lighter than the others I've used, and it has a far longer
> battery life.
> 7. Most impressively, I like how it backs things up and restores them
> completely. I used that on the first tablet I bought. It stopped
> charging. I worked with Acer and was doing some things they told me to
> try. At one point I knew they were going to tell me to restore
> everything to default. So I reset it back to the way it was when I got
> it. After I did that, I ran it up and made sure it still didn't charge.
> Then when I put the same email address in I'd used the first time, it
> completely restored everything I had installed before I reset it.
> Everything. (It still didn't fix the charging problem, though, and I
> ended up sending it in for repair. It will be delivered tomorrow.)
> 8. It's Android 3.2. I realize others are at this stage already. But
> most of them cost more. And there is still a flood of cheaper models
> out there that aren't even at 3.0 yet. (There's even one model that
> claims to be 2.2 or 2.3, gets shipped with a boot logo that says 3.0,
> and actually runs 1.6.) It's still a little pricier than some, but ti's
> worth it in my book.
> At that price I think the A500 would be a good deal for anyone
> willing/wanting to live with a 10" tablet.

With subsidies from the government, it is possible for
some of the Android tablets to cost as little as just $50 or so.

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