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George Hammond wrote:

"TMG" <TMG@Nowhere.org> wrote in message

Olrik wrote:

George Hammond wrote:


0.  God exists.
1.  God is (scientifically) an "invisible man".
2.  In the language of Physics, God is caused by
    Gravity:  Even though it still remains true in
    Psychology/Theology terminology, that God
    "created Gravity".
2.  God is all powerful.
3.  God (effectively) "created the world" (40k years ago).


owt sah ti dnA !tsitneics a eb *tsum* yug ehT !tsil desab-orez A !LOL > > !suineg a *dna* ,tsitneics A !2 rebmun > > > >

esnesnon lanoisuled pins< > >


 eton ot gnitseretni si tI .fo draehnu t'nsi ylniatrec yarra desab 0 A >
.hguoht secneics retupmoc eht fo tsom sessimsid ]dnommaH[ taht >
 siH .liated ot noitnetta yppols sih swohs tsuj s"2" gnitaeper ehT >
 .rM t'nsi yllaer "ecneicS" .raelc taht lla t'nsi tsuj gnikniht >
.dleif s']dnommaH[ >

Yep - and it keeps going on.

Complaints-To: abuse@earthlink.net

They already have an on-going case open. Daily follow-ups since 12/10.

> EarthLink Abuse Department wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for submitting a report to the EarthLink Network Abuse
> Department.
> Your ticket number is AB0000000232744, which you'll need to reference
> if you email us again regarding this issue.  We may follow up with
> you if we need more information to aid our investigation.
> The EarthLink Appropriate Use Policy, Users Agreement, and
> Privacy Policy are available at:
> http://earthlink.net/about/policies
> We appreciate your assistance.
> Sincerely,
> EarthLink Network Abuse

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