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  • From: Martin <martin@web-kernel.com>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:41:31 +0000 (UTC)
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On 2004-12-29 08:35:16 +0000, "George Hammond" <nowhere@nomailspam.net> said:

> "TMG" <TMG@Nowhere.org> wrote in message
> d62dnXk6AaxMo0_cRVn-tA@comcast.com">news:d62dnXk6AaxMo0_cRVn-tA@comcast.com...
>> George Hammond wrote:
>>> "TMG" <TMG@Nowhere.org> wrote in message
>>> qrOdnUKZSPEQYE3cRVn-vQ@comcast.com">news:qrOdnUKZSPEQYE3cRVn-vQ@comcast.com...
>>>> George Hammond wrote:
>>> [Hammond]
>> <snip>
>> On the other hand, your threating someone's livelihood and family might
>> not be taken as lightly. You seem disposed to go at this "hammer and
>> tongs" in the real world, as it were. I wouldn't ever advise an USENET
>> thorn in *my* paw being taken that seriously.
> [Hammond]
>   You are the one who is threating your livelihood by conducting your
> psychotic "night job" (for several years now) of stalking and
> harassing Hammond.  Everyone who knows you is just holding their
> breath and saying a silent prayer against the day when you finally do
> something bizzare and fuck up the life of both you and your family..
> ... I'm sure this includes your employers.
>   This bizzare behavour of yours has been pointed
> out to you by others... for instance the poster on alt.config when you
> stalked me over there and started posting your ad hominem attacks..
> he asked you what you were doing there, why you were stalking Hammond
> and suggested you were nuts... and he was right!
>    Until now its been only words.... but now your are advertising for
> the assistance of other "internet bangers" to assist you in sending
> complaints.
> That is a direct physical act of harassment that requires a legal response
> from me... and believe me if you persist you'll be hearing about it.
>    For chrissakes, if you're a PhD in Mathematics and have managed to secure
> a reasonable job (which isn't always easy for mathematicians) I'd expect
> that you'd think twice before involving yourself in anything as sleazy
> as intenet stalking and harassment... why for chrissakes if your
> collegues ever found out about it... or the personnell office ever received
> a letter of complaint from my attorney (who is a former state representative
> and well known to them) you can be sure they will be raising their
> eyebrows about your mental condition.  In todays world with terrorism
> and unbalanced nuts acting up everywhere... I'd reconsider your
> behavior and try to run a lower profile... for chrissakes budget cuts
> are everywhere and nuts like you would be the first target for
> a cut....
>    Personally, I like you "to a point"... but your mild psychotic overlay
> has an obvious tendency to get out of hand.... and believe me....
> everyone who knows you knows about it and all of us are keeping our
> fingers crossed day and night that the strain on you doesn't get so
> high that you'll crack and do something stupid and fuck up your life,
> career and everything else.... for chrissakes... knock off this
> public internet harrassment of yours... you've got too much to lose.
> And especially don't fall into the trap of stalking and attacking some
> alter ego figure like Hammond.  For chrissakes Hammond is a total loser
> (careerwise) and has consequently sacrificed his life to pure research,
> for God's sake don't come down on the wrong side of it professionally.
> You can't sue a total loser and win!
>   WISE UP for chrissakes... go find some outher outlet for your
> aggressions.... take up bowling or something... and just thank your
> lucky stars you're not in Hammond's position in life.
>   Look... I'm not asking you to do something noble and courageous
> like trying to help me.... I'm just asking you not to publicly commit
> hari kari trying to persecute me... you should know by now that
> that is the principle trap and snare for someone like you.

I've forwarded an abuse e-mail charge to Earthlink, against you George.

Oh, and I refute your theories concerning God (just to keep this 
on-topic for you).

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> http://proof-of-god.freewebsitehosting.com
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