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Re: KNode and follow-ups

  • Subject: Re: KNode and follow-ups
  • From: Gunter Schelfhout <nomail@please.com.invalid>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 07:28:36 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.windows.x.kde
  • Organization: Telenet Internet
  • References: <T2RHe.160222$pQ6.8618016@phobos.telenet-ops.be> <dcpji9$14mj$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk>
  • User-agent: KNode/0.9.1
  • Xref: news.mcc.ac.uk comp.windows.x.kde:37922
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Gunter Schelfhout wrote:
>> Everytime I respond to a crossposting, KNode automatically takes the
>> first group as a follow-up.
>> Since you are not always aware you are responding to a crossposting, this
>> can be very annoying.
>> KNode should keep his hands of it.
>> Anyone who knows how to fix this?
> This is KNode's attempt to preserve good netiquette. KNode will also nag
> you a great deal if you crosspost to many groups.

Good netiquette is when you 'know' you are responding to a crosspost and you
notify that the follow-up is set to a particular group.

> What I suggest you do is keep an eye on the fields at the top when you
> compose a follow-up. It becomes instinctive. 

I try to do that, but sometimes I forget or I'm too fast.

> I have looked at KNode's 
> options many times, so I don't think you can make KNode more permissible
> and allow you to throw unnecessary messages at cyberspace.

I overlooked all the options myself and apparently, as you say, there is not
an option.

> I do, however, 
> think that the single follow-up-to group _must_ be the one where the
> message got read. I think it currently chooses just the first group in the
> original list, so you may never see any replies to your post.

The program should not choose anything, it should keep it's fingers off the
Instead of good netiquette, it's just irritant behavior and sometimes you
get flamed for it.

I looked at Google and apparently it is already submitted in 2001 as a bug,
but nobody responded or took any actions.

I don't like Pan, but maybe I'm going to use it after all.

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