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Re: Very disappointed and shocked by the new Yanoff

  • Subject: Re: Very disappointed and shocked by the new Yanoff
  • From: Laurent Bugnion <lbugnion@bluewin.ch>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 09:09:33 +0200
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I know of many applications that cost around $24. You unfairly used inexpensive applications as examples.

I really don't think that DocsToGo or iSilo qualify as unexpensive. They're very expensive for my standards, at least for PDA applications. However, I agreed to pay for them because they are really full of features.

About the functionalities, let's start by saying that Yanoff- simply
doesn't work on my LifeDrive. Yes, I could load messages from a
newsgroup, but I am unable to read them entirely, because I cannot
scroll down! I never saw before a program where simply scrolling down
was impossible (it seems like a pretty basic feature). So to start with
(and YMMV of course), the application can't be used.

The application was not tested under the LifeDrive. I corresponded with the developer before the LifeDrive was even out in the shops. In his defence, it isn't guaranteed to work on the LD. If it did, great, but if not, I am sure you would have gotten a refund.

There is no mention of this on the website. It's totally OK that it doesn't work on the LD, it's a fairly new device. This paragraph was not meant as an attack against the developer, rather a "buyers beware" for other users.

Another thing which bums me is that there is no way to load messages
over hotsync. The old Java conduit hasn't been updated, and anyway JSync
doesn't work with the newer generation of Palm desktop. Loading messages
over hotsync is very handy in my office, where I cannot connect my LD to
the network directly. I load my Versamail this way, and it would be nice
being able to load newsgroups too.

I think it is again a case of keeping up with the changes over at PalmSource. Sure it would be nice if more dynamic maintenance was in place, but nothing was promised.

My point is that for 24 USD, a working conduit can be expected.

Finally, the "minus" version of Yanoff is infested with reminder of how
much better the "plus" version is. Some of these annoying reminders are
even presented under the form of a pop-up. Some buttons have their text
replaced by something like "Register" "to get" "this feature" and the
likes. I mean, it's funny (not) the first time you see it, but after a
moment, it gets really annoying and makes you want to throw your PDA
through the window.

If you use a free version, I don't think you have the right to complain about this particular aspect. One of the reasons why I left Windows was all of the shareware applications that involved nags. With Linux I get GPL'd application that /serve/ me rather than asking me for money.

Actually, I have the right to complain about everything, this is Usenet ;-)

Seriously, and once again, this post (apart from the religious paragraph under) is not gratuitous ranting, it's much more an attempt to communicate about what I disliked in this software, to avoid the bad experience to others. The buttons really bummed me, it's simply not professional UI design (I am software developer, BTW, though I don't develop for the Palm). Call me maniac, but it was really a painful experience.

Finally, and this is why I will avoid using this software in the future,
the author uses it for christian proselytism. The default signature for
the sent messages bears a citation of the bible! I simply couldn't
believe it (small pause to release the bad emotions here... deep
breath...). It means that if you don't change the default signature (and
this is not very straightforward), every time you send a message, you'll
also send a citation of the bible *in your own name*!!

I am not a christian, I left the reformed church exactly because of this
kind of disrespectful amd disgraceful attitude. I follow my own path
now, and I am shocked by someone trying to impose his own views on
others. Moreover, acting this way lets others knowing me believe that I
got back to the christian religion, without me being aware of it. This
is a shame.

I don't think any harm or offence was originally intended, but religion is a sensitive issue. I think assigning these default signatures was a poor decision. On-line mail accounts like Yahoo and MSN take a similar approach, but they use advertising and not controversial words that involve politics and religion.

I am against proselytism by principle, and I fight against it every time I see it. It doesn't matter if it's intended or by mistake.

>>I sincerely regret this. It sounded like a good idea to continue Yanoff
GPL's development, seeing how it was for a long time the only newsreader
available (and still now one of the only ones usable). When the author
contacted me quite some time ago to ask me if I would support his new
development, I was quite enthusiastic about it, and was even ready to
pay something to help him. Then I lost interest because surfing over
GPRS is not the most comfortable experience. Having a LD now, I thought
I would enjoy using Yanoff. Well, now I am really glad that I tried it
before paying.

That's what trial versions are for.


A shame, though, that trying this version made me spend such a terrible time.

Thanks for your reply!

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