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Re: Webcam Linux -> works - WinXP -> fails

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> piperut wrote:
> > Patrick Grimbergen wrote:
> >> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> > schoolkorfball.org.uk wrote:
> >> >
> >> >>I have bought a sWeex webcam, it works in SuSE linux, but failes on the
> >> >>Lidl WinXP PC.
> >> >>
> >> >>Any clues?
> >> >
> >> > What do you mean by "fails"? It would be useful if you gave more
> >> > details, even though it might develop into a discussion that is more
> >> > suitable to a Windows-related newsgroup.
> >> >
> >> > Roy
> >>
> >>
> >> Sorry... by failing I mean that it does not display video under WinXP. I
> >> can't seem to get hold of error messages; it just says something like
> >> "command not found" or something (M$-CLC).
> >>
> >> I've got the official CD and everything... since it works in SuSE it can
> >> not be broke...
> >
> > This is kind of interesting - I have a webcam that works in Windows,
> > and fails in Linux.
> >
> > It would be nice if we could find hardware that would work in both
> > systems!
> Your case (the latter) sounds like the more common scenario as a matter of
> fact. Not because Linux is poor, but because Web cam manufacturers are
> narrow-minded and care only for a majority ($$$), not for any niche
> (*ovations*).
> OP, have you tried looking under Device Manager yet? (WinXP: My computer,
> second tab from the left IIRC) Any faults? is it a plug-and-play device?
> Did you just try it in software like Netmeeting which has a relatively
> transparent interface to the camera being used?
> Roy

I know my case is the norm.  I was just posting to point out to the OP,
that his case is backwards.

I have noticed in windows that sometimes I have to unplug a device and
replug it in to get windows to find it.  My Konica Minolta Printer to
set it up, I have to have it unplugged when installing windows, and
plug it in after windows is set up while installing the software.  It
may be a case of you have to plug the device in while installing the
software for the device.

Or some devices, you have to install the software first.  The PCAMIA
802 card on my laptop said to install the software prior to installing
the card.

So he may need to look at the instructions for the webcam and see if it
"Install software prior to plugging in the Webcam"


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