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Re: Webcam Linux -> works - WinXP -> fails

Patrick Grimbergen wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> piperut wrote:
>> Your case (the latter) sounds like the more common scenario as a matter
>> of fact. Not because Linux is poor, but because Web cam manufacturers are
>> narrow-minded and care only for a majority ($$$), not for any niche
>> (*ovations*).
>> OP, have you tried looking under Device Manager yet? (WinXP: My computer,
>> second tab from the left IIRC) Any faults? is it a plug-and-play device?
>> Did you just try it in software like Netmeeting which has a relatively
>> transparent interface to the camera being used?
> I thought it strange as well... that's why I posted in Linux
> newsgroup... Windows group would just say "Linux distroyed your
> hardware"... which is of course not true... I'll try the divice manager
> (didn't know where to find it).

"Linux destroyed your hardware"? I guess this is believed to be possible
when you use a Toy O/S.

> I actually find that I have another webcam that works partially under
> Windows, but I can't get it to work in Linux (but it is recognised by
> suseplugger).

With some effort and time, it would probably work too. If you have a Linux
laptop, it is always safer to bring it to the shop and test it there before
making a purchase.

> My main problem is that I can't get the windows-one to work... it just
> gives a black screen... also with the setup programm that was on the
> CD.. I know it's kind of vague... should I troll the windows groups?
> Especially since it says WinXP on the box...

You probably can. Don't neglect to mention that it _did_ work in Linux and
not Windows. Breaks their myths.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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