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Re: xhtml - accesskey for select not allowed?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [Jukka K. Korpela] on Sunday 11 December 2005 11:11 \__

Wrong approach. Country selection should _not_ be made with a dropdown,
unless you have just a handful of countries. Use a text input field, and
 accept both country names and standard abbreviations.

I must say that I disagree. Most folk are unaware of standard abbreviations.

Then they use the names, or they consult a list of abbreviations that you link to.

Moreover, too much freedom as in an open string leaves room for ambiguity,
frustration and requires programming that provides a level of tolerance.

The purpose is to minimize users' problems, and this inevitably means that the author needs to do some work, or to utilize other people's work.

> Even if you list all countries in the
world, the size of the form would not become far larger, maybe just 5 KB

The problem is the size experienced by users when they see a hundred names in a list that can be scrolled down in a window of 10 or so names. And how does it work in speech-based user agents?

I have seen cases where different accesskeys get assigned on different
platforms. This is a real PITA to maintain and test.

Perhaps, but how does that relate to "accesskey attributes considered harmful", which was the message in my text that you quoted? It's pointless to discuss the details of something that should not be used at all.

the url:
I included the w3c-links for test.
Plz help me out, TIA.

What was your point in quoting that without saying anything about it?

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