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Re: can someone tell me if this is a scraper site?

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [Brent Atkerson] on Thursday 22 December 2005 15:02 \__
>> It appears our site (in sig) may have been scraped by http://www.
>> calcuttayellowpages.com/adver/104769industrial.html (remove the space). 
>> It
>> appears as though they scraped our site, chopped up the content and
>> displaying the chopped up content...
>> Do you agree or am I way off-base here?
> It's  hard  to judge or measure the degree of overlap, but I  see  exactly
> what  you mean. Copied graphics, text and presentation. They used you as a
> model site, but got disturbingly greedy.
> http://www.calcuttayellowpages.com/
> How  did you find this out? I know there are tools to detect this, but did
> you identify them among search results pages that you target?
> I  can't find the contact details on whois.net (the whole privacy malarkey
> in ICANN), but I suggest you gather some proof and post a complaint to the
> host. You have a para-site.
> Roy
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It is a long story.  But, briefly, I do not know what else to do to get 
traffic to our site.

As some of you may know, I have posted a few times in this group (some 
answers and some questions) but have been reading it faithfully for a couple 
of years.  Trying to implement the things I have read.

Basically, I am having a difficult time getting links from quality sites to 
ours and can't get my keywords to rank very high to generate a significant 
amount of traffic from the organic listings.  Anyway, in my diligent 
searching to find a way to improve our organic listings, I did a search for 
unique text which would most likely be found only on our site.  For instance 
"custom filter and filter assemblies" from our main page, with quotes, in 
Google.  Notice we don't even rank (I have just found out that nothing from 
our main page ranks in Google for exact phrases from our main page but our 
main page is indexed...).

Other pages rank fine for unique to our site text but not the main page and 
that "scraper" site comes up.

Brent Atkerson
Anrod Screen Cylinder Co.

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