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Re: Bad Hosting Company

__/ [Paul] on Friday 23 December 2005 14:33 \__

> On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 15:22:09 +0100, "Stacey"
> <Remove-the-Y-stacey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>This is a little warning for anyone looking for more hosting. I ran across
>>a bad hosting company. I was needing a large amount of hosting with all of
>>my new websites, I found a good one BTW Hostgator. Anyway the bad one is
>>z555.com which also has another site hostony. These people are crooks and
>>frauds(I will be taking care of the fraud issue also), they will be sorry
>>to have screwed me over. Anyway, I had ordered hosting and waited a week
>>and didn't hear from them, I sent several emails. I finally went through
>>hostgator and was set up immediately. I finally hear from the other hosting
>>8 days later with a sorry here is your hosting. I had already wrote to the
>>billing 2 days earlier to cancel. They took my money and guess
>>what..........they have just sent me an email that an invoice has kicked
>>out and they will be taking money on the 1st or thereafter. The hosting is
>>no longer set up, I did go to it one time the day that they said here it
>>is. I went to check to see if I could still access it since they feel they
>>need more money! This is a big warning.......unless you want stress and
>>loss of money do not attempt to go there.
> Sorry to hear that Stacey.
> http://www.1planhost.com/ are excellent and I highly recommend them.
> They probably offer too much for a site of your size though.
> plh
> Paul

Everybody's  own  hosts are always the best. *smile* Often the  same  with
laptop  unless there are disappointments. Mine are catalyst2.com. The  up-
time  is fantastic and the servers are usually under 1 second in terms  of
load  everage.  This  means that users get pages as soon as  they  request
them.  It's only a matter of how fast their connection is. Support is also

I  am sorry to hear about your experience, Stacey. I came to Catalyst2 af-
ter getting a recommendation from a client. I had (still have) less fortu-
nate experiences with some host in San Diego. In my defence, it was not me
who chose them. Word of mouth is always most valued.


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