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Re: [OT] Zermatt (Was: Signal Out of Range)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [Vahis] on Saturday 24 December 2005 09:14 \__

Hi Roy!
I went to see your site.
I saw you view from the room :)
Somehow it looks very familiar to me! I've been on that piece of rock
many times. Used to stay in Matterhornblick.
During the skiing days I always went to Cervinia to have my minestrone.

It's a while since I've been there, wish I'd be there sometime again.
That's the hotel room, not my room. *sign* I wish...

Oh, I jumped into conclusions.
I opened your site, saw Matterhorn, said "oh, Zermatt! This guy lives in Zermatt!" Then I saw many familiar places , Bahnhofstrasse and stuff. My keyboard just started replying OT to you.

It's a fantastic place. I used to go like a few times a year to Switzerland for five years.

I had business in Zuerich and drove with a rental to Zermatt and all the the other resorts, Davos, St Moritz, St. Luc, Verbier, Engelberg, Crans-Montana... for weekends.

Funny story: this was last year as a matter of fact, but to be honest, I had Linux/Internet withdrawal symptoms during that vacation. I can't say I enjoyed it either. Moreover, I can't begin to express how appalled I was to use Internet Explorer every morning. They blocked installation privileges (non-admin account) so I was denied Firefox installation. No virtual desktops and nothing beyond a single low-resolution monitor.

I guess you carry a USB keyring with you nowadays with Damn Small Linux on it?

I sometimes think that Windows/IE is a *excellent* thing. It puts us guys in a position of advantage.

Best wishes,


Agree with you!


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