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Signal Out of Range

Roy Schestowitz Wrote: 
> I used Mandrake in the past. The experience was similar to that of SuSE
> (no YaST in Mandriva IIRC), so I am sure you will be more than
> comfortable
> moving to SuSE, Red Hat or even Kubuntu whenever you wish to do so in
> the
> future. You found a GNU/Linux distribution that suits you, which is
> great.
> Have you tried the stable SuSE 9.3? Maybe it is something to try over
> your
> vacation.
> If it makes you feel any better, I have recently seen Windows
> installa-
> tions that could not detect monitors properly, which led to flickering
> at
> >600x800. I also saw Ubuntu struggling with resolution at times. I
> think
> Ubuntu notorious for that because I get hundreds of hits on my site
> for
> the search term 'ubuntu resolution'.
> RoyWindows works with most resolutions I can throw at the monitor. Have
tried Ubuntu, that doesn't work either. Not tried Fedora Core 4, as
cordless keyboard and mouse don't work on setup. (Not digging out the
wired things again) Have not tried SuSE9.3 thou, but now have a working
installation of Mandriva, so maybe won't bother.

To all, thanks for replies today, did google search and tried all info
I found, SuSE wouldn't play ball.  Please don't forget, as stated
earlier, I'm new to Linux.

Christmas wishes to one and all.


It's Christmas. (in a Noddy Holder voice) :D


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