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Re: Hotsync problem driving me nuts!

  • Subject: Re: Hotsync problem driving me nuts!
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 07:09:25 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [Charles Lewis] on Sunday 25 December 2005 22:30 \__

> "Steve Kranz" <"smkranz[at]adelphia.net"> wrote in message
> news:I9idndvdIO9dRzPeRVn-vA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Charles Lewis wrote:
>>> I recently returned from a two week vacation, and all of a sudden, I
>>> can't hotsync. I competed a sync right before I left, and all was working
>>> fine.
>>> Here's what I've tried so far:
>>> 1. I re-installed Palm Desktop (using the USB cleaner program first)
>>> 2. I checked the USB port with other devices; works fine
>>> 3. I connected my Palm to the other USB ports
>>> 4. I disconnected all USB ports and tried a hotsync
>>> 5. I did a soft-reset on my Palm
>>> 6. I did a hard re-set on my Palm (left the batteries out) - I backed up
>>> first to the backup module
>>> on the Palm
>>> 7. I tried another cradle
>>> 8. I re-booted my computer
>>> 9. I cursed both the computer and my Palm, and I told both of them I
>>> loved them!
>>> I get varying results when I try the hotsync. Sometimes nothing happens.
>>> Sometimes Windows tells me it has found a new device; after letting it do
>>> its magic, the hotsync starts, but after trying to connect to user
>>> Charles Lewis, I receive the message that the Palm has lost the
>>> connection. And sometimes all seems to work OK until I get the same
>>> message. I sure would like to copy some files back to my desktop and a
>>> few onto the Palm.
>>> I am running Palm Desktop Software 4.0.1, Windows XP (Personal version),
>>> and am using a Handspring Visor running Palm Software v 3,1 H3.
>>> Please help before I murder my Palm and/or computer.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Charles Lewis
>> Since you get *some* connection some of the time, it suggests to me that
>> it is a hardware rather than a software problem.  Maybe there is a bad
>> connector on your Visor, since the problem exists with different cables.
>> I don't know what to suggest to verify this, other than to try to get your
>> hands on another Visor to see if you can hotsync with it.  Maybe you could
>> pick one up cheap on eBay, but even there the going price looks like
>> they're around $25+.  Spending anything like that on an experiment, seems
>> to me, *might* even justify going for the gusto and for $100 get something
>> brand new, color, etc.
>> If you are feeling brave, and are mechanically inclined, you could try
>> opening up the Visor to see if there is anything obvious.  I don't know
>> what type of screws hold that together, but many Palm devices use #5 or 6
>> Torx screws which require a special wrench.  I've read some people report
>> that some problems seemingly "self-corrected" by opening up the Palm,
>> taking a look, and closing it up again.  Might be random luck.
>> Good luck.
> I sure hope your diagnosis is wrong, since that opens up many more problems
> about what to do, but I did try something that seems to move in your
> directions. I have a portable keyboard I sometimes use when I am traveling
> and need to do some heavy duty writing on the Palm. I tried connecting to
> it and got a "do not recognize a keyboard" error on the Palm. Now that
> could be a software problem, as I have seen it before, but the fact that I
> could not do a hotsync even after a hard reset hints that it may be
> hardware.
> Now I have to decide if I want to replace the Palm with a used Visor Deluxe
> or a newer model. If I go with the newer model, then I have to decide about
> material I've put on the Palm since my last hotsync back near the first of
> December. I have a backup module on the Visor, but I doubt it would be
> compatible with newer stuff.
> Thanks for your help.
> Charles

Things to attempt:

* Install Palm Desktop on somebody else's computer and attempt a HotSync.
This narrows down the number of possible culprits

* Remove software from the Palm, piece by piece. Something may may be causing
problems. I don't know if your hard reset involved data loss. Software can
be re-installed later, if necessary. Narrow down the options to identify the
cause of the issue.

* Try a friend's/colleague's Palm on your computer.

Things to consider:

* Keyboard issue might indicate a problem with the Universal Port (not sure
if that's the Visor's port type).

* Santa has a bad sense of humour. 2 days ago, a fellow LUGer had hard-drive
issues -- something to keep him occupied and helpless during the holiday.


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