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Re: Locked Out - NOT PWD Issue

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Blinky the Shark] on Monday 26 December 2005 08:38 \__

>> I had ALL kinds of problems with USB in Mandrake 9.x.  I've played
>> with 2006 enough in the last few days (just not as blinky <g>) to
>> see it doing a bang-up job with
>> seeing/mounting/accessing./unmounting my scanner, my card reader
>> (with SD, xD and CF cards), my camera (with xD and CF cards), an
>> old Zip drive, and a Lexar jumpdrive.
> [Fully aware that it's the wrong group for this to be posted:]
> SuSE 9.3 recognised everything in my posession 'out of the box'.
> -Palm Tungsten
> -HP 2100 scanner
> -Webcam
> -Wheel mouse
> -Monitor (once I set things correctly in the BIOS)
> -[.?.]
> No command-line messiness. YaST did everything.
Sweet.  :)


BTW, here's the MID for that post in which someone was talking about
mount/umount issues:

>> OT:  I have an oddity with my BIOS -- in POST, it freezes on the first
>> screen (Press ESC to skip memory test, Press DEL to enter BIOS, etc.)
>> if I have *anything* plugged into USB.  That screen is never completely
>> written.  Dead freeze; requires a power-off restart.  USB and I have
>> sorta never got along well.  :)
> I saw this last week on somebody's laptop. Perhaps BIOS attempts a USB
> reboot first. It should freeze, but it's worth checking. Check which
> devices take precedence in BIOS. It's usually floppy, ATAPI CD-ROM, then
> hard-drive or network boot. Some modern hardware takes a step further
> and assumes USB boots to be rather ordinary. Linux on your keychain
> might be the next popular thing. Better than a live CD.

HDD0 first, then CDROM.

I have a new mobo sitting on the shelf...   Soyo Dragon2.  Dunno if it
will work wit Mandriva; one thing at a time.  :)

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(Get a real news client.)

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