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Re: Penalty? If so, why?

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote in message 
> Stacey wrote:
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote in message
>> d9g2f7$1jo3$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:d9g2f7$1jo3$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>>>I have noticed something very odd. Judging by several different sites,
>>> has been no PageRank update. However, in each of the 3 domains that I
>>> own, there was a steady decrease of 1 in the PageRank values. Have I 
>>> been
>>> penalised? Is it possible? In exactly all 3 domains mentioned?
>> Have they lost in positions? I have had some pages go down with PR but,
>> they shouldn't have as they have the same navigation from the get go. I
>> think it is a glitch from the last thing before taking away all PR to
>> everyone.
> As I continue to look, I can gather the following:
> -Using proxies in the US, I get the old PR values! This only appears
> differently on my machine no matter if I try the Firefox googlebar,
> SearchStatus (Alexa combo) or even Bokma's Perl script.
> -Google referrals are unchanged in numbers (SERPs accordingly)
> -The PageRank numbers are flunctuating as we apeak and are sometimes not
> reported (greyed out) or are 0.
>> If they aren't losing positions, all PR, and not showing a cache
>> snippet just URL this can sometime mean a penalty. I would set around and
>> wait around for the next tweaking to know for sure.

> Odd... this never happened before, which makes me act upon virtually 
> nothing
> and leads to paranoia. If my mood depends on Google's datacentres, perhaps
> I ought to get some rehab...

Well, I have had pages do that a while ago. I made some small changes to 
make the bot crawl them again and they went back to being OK.


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