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Re: remembering post data

Troy Piggins wrote:

> <snip>
>>> Done as mentioned above.  MS IE works fine, Firefox (preferred by me)
>>> does not :-(
>>> "MS IE works fine"
>>         ^^^^^^^^^^
> :-) I hear ya!  I meant it did what I wanted for a change.
>> Saving form values can also be interpreted as "does not work".
>> Security versus ease of use.
> Yeah, in this case I want the latter, not the former.

A funny analogy:

        Mr. Jones drives to his local supermarket, parks his car and leaves the
door open because, let's face it, opening the door is a chore. He steps
into the supermarket, puts the necessary groceries in a clean and shiny
container that the supermarket lends. When finished, he walks by the main
door and drops a tenner into an open bucket of money.

Mr. Jones and his supermarket use Internet Explorer by the way. Time to get
that security pack...

> <snip>
>>> I don't know what you mean by 'page source' - do you mean the actual
>>> .php code?  Or the httpd server config files?
>> You can program something that will fetch the values at each step
>> (assuming a multi-page form-filling process). It can then send back
>> the values to the form. In other words, forms will be saved
>> progressively rather than once -- upon completion.
> Might try that.  When I have some more time on weekends.
> Thanks for all your help Roy.

I have just tested an old JavaScript form that I have on my site
(http://www.schestowitz.com/Feedback/) and saw the behaviour you describe
in Firefox and in Konqueror. Oddly enough, only First name(s) gets saved. I
have looked at the source code to find an explanation, but could gather
none. Can you? This might be the key to solving your problem.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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