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Re: Speech software for palm os 5

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote in message 
> Adam Helberg wrote:
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote in message
>> d74mg5$l1u$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:d74mg5$l1u$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>>> Adam Helberg wrote:
>>>>>>>> Does anyone know of Speech software for palm os 5. A freind of mine
>>>>>>>> who is blind recently asked if you could get speech software for the
>>>>>>>> palm os. He says it is available for windows and symbian operating
>>>>>>>> systems but he was taken with the built in Wi-Fi in my Tungsten C.
>>>> ...
>>>>> Have a look at the following:
>>>>> http://www.lingvosoft.com/Palm-OS-Text-To-Speech-Products-items/
>>>>> Roy
>>>>> PS - Sorry about exceeding the width bounds with the URL I sent
>>>>> earlier.
>>>> There is nothing here of interest to an English-speaking person. Am I
>>>> not correct?
>>>> Adam
>>> I didn't check that Web site carefully because it was fragmented into
>>> several pages. I thought that vocal functions will be working 'both ways'
>>> and I imagined that a pointer to text-to-speech software will be
>>> available too -- for a lower price than that of translators.
>>> They must be using a module from another vendor that works on speech so
>>> maybe their affiliations would be a good place to start looking.
>> I have their plain English-Hebrew dictionary which is fine, but all their
>> "voice" synthesis software are totally useless for an English-speaking
>> person, because it only pronounces English words, not the foreign words.
> Well, in that case it answers the needs of the original poster. He sought an
> English text-to-speech synthesiser, I assume.
> I once saw an English-to-Chinese single-purpose translator. It had voice
> capabilities, but from what I can recall it was rather poor.
> Roy
> -- 
> Roy S. Schestowitz
> http://Schestowitz.com

I doubt the Ectaco "voice" software can be used for anything other than with their 
dictionaries. He could ask to be sure, but I doubt he'll get a reply.


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