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Re: Google throws bodies at OpenOffice

__/ [casioculture@xxxxxxxxx] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 03:46 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Au79] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 03:09 \__
>> Sun Microsystems are among the major maintainers, as well as the ?funds
>> engine? behind OpenOffice. Finally we come to see that Google, who use
>> OpenOffice in-house, contribute back to the Open Source community which
>> they came from [2].
> Sun Microsystems are not 'among' the major maintainers and funders,
> they are THE major maintainers and funders.

I was being cautious about unfair exclusion, that's all.

> As for Google, I'm not sure what the significance of their move could
> be in 'practical' terms. Unless they're putting in tens of developers
> on openoffice it may not be that significant. It sounds to me like a PR
> stunt if all they're doing is putting in a couple of guys.

That is too what I suspected. They have done this before:


[DiBona:] We're pleased to be able to support their efforts with a donation
of $350,000

$350,000? WTF? You can afford much more (orders of magnitude higher) than
that. I'm skeptic.

I also wonder if those couple of OpenOffice developers will focus on some
Google search bar for the office suite. I'm skeptic.

When I contacted DiBona in the past, complaining about lack of support
(negligence) for Linux, he spewed out some loose promises. It's been a
couple of months and no action has been taken. I'm skeptic.


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