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Re: Google throws bodies at OpenOffice

__/ [Au79] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 03:09 \__

> By Stephen Shankland
> Staff Writer, CNET News.com
> Google plans to hire programmers to improve OpenOffice.org, a
> demonstration of its affinity for open source initiatives and one the
> company believes also shows sound practical sense.

Here is the interpretation that I bound to it a few hours ago, in case
someone wants more pointers (links):

Google have recently formed a pact with Sun Microsystems [1], best known for
their work on Java and Solaris. They have just taken a re-assuring step ?
re-assuring to those who wish to see Microsoft monopolies fade away over the

Sun Microsystems are among the major maintainers, as well as the ?funds
engine? behind OpenOffice. Finally we come to see that Google, who use
OpenOffice in-house, contribute back to the Open Source community which they
came from [2]. They are now paying programmers to work on Open Office, which
is some sense reminds me of begone ?Google Office? rumours. They essentially
use their powerful financial position to boost freedom, or so I choose to
believe. It is no wonder Microsoft are scared [3].




What's with those idiotic news sites and long URL's? Were they born



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