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Re: AISE FAQ (was What happened to the beloved alt.internet.search-engines?)

__/ [Davémon] on Wednesday 02 November 2005 09:05 \__

> Stacey wrote:
>> Davémon" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:ac93a$4367a747$504427df$5848@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>Ok, so this is a reaction to the whole thread so far, not just Roys
>>>initial post.
>>>Why not start a FAQ project?
>> Already been done.
>> http://www.internet-search-engines-faq.com/
> been done? I think a NG FAQ should be a constant work-in-progess.
> I'm sure if Roy, David, Bill, Borek and yourself and some others put
> your heads together a new FAQ would be of significantly more use. Or at
> least the arguments about what should/should not be included would be
> educational!

I know there will be resistance if the initiative is not put on neutral
grounds. I can think of no domain which I have access to and has no
ownership. I put initial content in:


Would people object to help develop it? It can be posted to the group on a
bi-weekly/weekly/fortnightly basis and include a list of post tags, basic
convertions and frequently-asked questions (maybe contained in sub-pages,
hence omitted from cyclic post).

> Also, things that I think would be really useful like post tagging,
> posting style (for example when renaming threads - use (was: oldthread),
> politics, or even a simple list of 'important search engines' don't seem
> to be included.

Yes, even localised engines. Om Malik recently started a project where he
maps all the broadband providers across the world. He relies on people's

> go on, it'll be fun!

Well, I made a start, but I fear some people might frown upon it. Anyone can
just press "EditText", apply the changes, then save. It's collaborative and
gets backed up every night with the option of reversal (rollback)

__/ [Berimor] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 18:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [Davémon] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 17:35 \__
>> >
>> > The FAQ should probably get posted once a month by a regular. Oh and it
>> > should probably have one or two web mirrors?
>> Since all of us should be (or have the opportunity to be) involved in
>> writing such a FAQ, which should be posted fortnightly or monthly, how
>> about setting up a Wiki where that repeatedly-posted FAQ can be built and
>> continuously updated? I'd happily volunteer.
> Sure, FAQ would be good for ones who are not so strong in SEO question
> but would like to join the community. Also i'm not sure about the way
> NG is moderated - but look at the comp.lang.perl.misc (sure most of you
> familiar with) - there is a special automated user - PerlFAQ server. I
> like it.

Yes, I noticed the automated ones. One wonders what language they used to
code that bot...

What about list stats (e.g. number of posts, amount of quoted text, user


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