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Re: Linux widely used by Cambridge University physicists.

__/ [Thomas Wootten] on Thursday 03 November 2005 23:57 \__

> Quote from my supervisor
> "yeah pretty much everyone [uses Linux]. We need to do work"

...Same  with  people  in the maths, computer science  and  maybe  physics
(don't  know it well enough) departments here in Manchester. Scanning  for
viruses (or the arguable yet fun word 'virii') does not count as work.

Linux  still  appeals to the technical community as it  /understands/  its
true value. Unfortunately, to very many academics (particularly in the hu-
manities), Windows is a combination of Outlook (for interaction), Explorer
(for browsing journals) and Word (to write some stuff and publish).

Little  do  they realise that, sooner or later, that browser leads to  the
'demise'  of  their data (which of course is /not/ backed up).  That  tool
they  use  to write their paper is inferior to LaTeX and it /shows/ --  in
print, that is. Lastly, good luck ever migrating your diary and mail data,
which is stored in proprietary format.

Has  nobody in COLA mentioned Singularity yet? Windows is so flawed, Vista
was  re-built from scratch and even Microsoft recognised the need to start
from  ground zero. When Apple did this, taking Darwin and discarding OS 9,
look what a good product they ended up with


(replace $ with 's', they don't need links)


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