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Re: 'Critical' Windows fix coming for PCs

On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 03:26:11 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>>>>>Singularity is a research OS.  You make it sound like Microsoft is
>>>>>writing a replacement for Windows, and while that could be the case,
>>>>>there is no evidence to support whether or not this is true.
>>>>>Microsoft's research division does pure research, not applied
>>>>>research.  Even if it were to replace Windows, it would likely be a
>>>>>good 5-10years away.
> If Windows was a maintainable piece of software, it could be extended /as-is/
> to become a research O/S. Re-building, much like forking, implies that
> something has gone wrong. We know it, Microsoft know it even better. They
> see the code.

I don't know of a single pure research OS that's based on any existing OS.
I guess that means every OS in existence "has gone wrong".  Even the
creators of Unix chose an entirely new path called Plan 9, which is a
significant departure.

>>>> That's the bad news for MS. The point still stands that Windows is an
>>>> unmaintainable system which is insecure by design. MS should have
>>>> taken a leaf out of Apple's book and replaced their OS with a BSD. Too
>>>> late now of course thankfully. Linux and OSS is where the news is
>>>> these days. Vista is now't more than XP with a new GUI. Me thinks it
>>>> ain't going to sell too well in the corporate sector.
> http://news.com.com/The+slow+road+to+Windows+XP/2100-1016_3-5746046.html?part=rss&tag=5746046&subj=news
> Title: Half of all businesses still use Windows 2000

While many businesses still use Windows 2000, that's because they typically
replace it when the replace older hardware.  With hardware at a 3-5 year
depreciation cycle, that means that they'll be buying new hardware just
when Longhorn comes out.

>>> Aye, and plus the fact that M$ best talent have jumped ship.
>>> If Vista ships at all, it will be XP in new clothing.  AV software not
>>> included.
> http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/07/06/xp-new-colours-longhorn/
> Title: XP + New colours = Longhorn (Vista)

Wow, you're as bad as Rex, referring to your own web site articles to
substantiate your arguments.

> Singularity is a start. It is an O/S built from scratch, yet it is disguised
> under the heading "Research O/S". If it was ever to mature and become
> successful, it would be ported to a broader market, not a niche.

I will say, straight up, that I doubt Singularity will ever be anything
more than a research OS, just like Plan 9 and a bunch of others.

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