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Re: Secretary and Palm Data Sharing

__/ [Norbert Rink] on Sunday 06 November 2005 09:43 \__

> Hi there,
> I'm just trying to install my Palm Desktop software 4.1 (WindowsXP) in such
> a way that I can sync my Palm M500 at my PC, storing all data on a network
> directory.
> My secretary should then be able to at least read my calendar on her PC and
> possibly also enter/modify dates.
> Is there any way to do so?
> Thanks for your help
> Norbert

I can't think of a simple way for achieving this. I do not know if the
M500/Palm Desktop software 4.1 can synchronise with Outlook, which caters
for calendar sharing, but here is an alternative approach.

* Install Palm Desktop on both your computer and your secretary's computer.
Remember that Palm Desktop is the means by which calendar data can be opened
and manipulated.

* Synchnronise your handheld and desk/laptop computer

* Have your secretary take a copy of your Datebook (calendar) data file,
which exists under your Palm folder (on the networked shared environment)

* Have the secretary put the data file in the profile location of his/her
Palm Desktop installation

* Secretary should launch Palm Desktop

* Secretary edits calendar data

* Secretary copies the Datebook (calendar) data file back to the network,
overwriting the old file, thus committing the changes.

Bear in mind that you must not edit the data at the same time. You can
perhaps lock the file? Making it read-only while someone works on it?

Hope it helps,


PS - I wish Palm pushed harder towards Web-based synchronisation for exactly
that reason.

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