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Re: My site is lost -what have I done wrong?

__/ [Borek] on Monday 07 November 2005 10:54 \__

> On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:01:10 +0100, cueroscot <cuero1234@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Its now even worse, my website has gone from position 104 for leather
>> bags to 292. Am I destined to be forever lost?
> No. It seems to me you are a victim of the lack of knowledge
> about how the Google works :)
> Try this link:
> http://www.mcdar.net/Q-Check/datatool.asp
> Enter your url and the leather bags, select "Check across
> Datacenter IP C-Block(Group A)" and see the results.

I never realised that I could do that in mcdar. Thanks, Borek. You hit two
birds with one stone.

> On most datacenters you have strong 7th position. On some you
> are much lower, but as everyone else here I doubt these will be
> the final results once everything settles down.

...or when the "flux" is finished. I tend to believe that if the OP dropped
down initially (due to Jagger), the best among the results should reflect on
the final position /across all datacentres/. It takes time for the new state
(i.e. high poisitions) to propagate. The low positions are just an artefact
of the update perhaps?

> Whenever someone uses Google the query is redirected to one of
> the datacenters, selected by some algorithm. Thus most of your
> potential customers still see you on the first page of Google
> results.

As more datecentres contain the /newer/ state of the data, you will appear in
page 1 more consistently and get a larger number of referrals. I can see the
effect of this already... There are at least 3 or 4 datacentres that have
Jabber 1, 2, and 3 accounted for.

> There is a potential problem looming ahead, as the results
>  from the datacenters supposed to show results that should
> spread to other datacenters are slightly worse - putting
> you on the second page. But these results are probably not
> final yet and so far they have not started to spread out to
> all datacenters.
> Best,
> Borek

__/ [Borek] on Monday 07 November 2005 11:04 \__

> On the second thought... You are UK based? And most of your sales are in
> UK?
> I have no experience with the google.co.uk results compared to google.com

They should be localised, but having run a search for 'leather bags' in
google.com and google.co.uk, I see only /slight/ differences. Nonetheless,
there /are/ differences, but they may be due to different datacentres being

> Big Bill? Dave? Calling you both on the same line seems a dangerous
> idea, but you are both in UK :)
> Best,
> Borek

They were up until late last night as far as I can tell. They might be still
sleeping, so they can't hear you, yet. *smile*


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