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Re: order of keywords in URL

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Monday 07 November 2005 19:07 \__

> Borek wrote:
>> Anybody ever checked if the order of keywords in url makes a
>> difference

That surely makes a difference.

When searching, I often have to change the order of words. If one searches
for (as later exampled) 'widget' and gets results that are too broad, the
search might then be refined to 'widget blue'. When the results are
unsatisfactory, the user often needs to move blue to the front, which take
more time. The result will usually get better.

>> Let's say I am optimizing site for blue widgets.
>> I can register domain blue-widgets. com and widgets-blue. com.
>> All other factors being equal - how large difference will it be
>> for SERPs?

There is a trade-off between competition (repeatability of phrases across the
Internet) and repeatability of SERP's. It's probably more of an art then it
is a science. You can never predict exactly how well you will be placed,
though you can check query volume (e.g. "how many people search for 'blue
widget'") using commercial tools, I think.

> It would be safe to assume that if people would naturally type in "blue
> widgets", this is the sequence you want to stick with because "widgets
> blue" will pull different results hence requires different optimization.
> OTOH, if you feel that the phrase can be typed in either way, and "widgets
> blue" is less crowded, you should target that one.

Yes, "crowded" is a good term to use. Don't aim for SERP's that are 'above
your league' as that will get you nowhere.


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