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Re: I'm dancing

__/ [Big Bill] on Tuesday 08 November 2005 12:29 \__

> It's hitting me now for some terms, not for others. It varies across
> the datacentres, as you would expect. ...

I  begin to see pages coming back from nowhere into page 1. Only few data-
centres  are  affected and everything is sporadic and patchy. Sometimes  I
aim  at particular datacentres and sometimes I get assigned ones which are
up-to-date.  I have absolutely no idea how this will end up, but I try  to
avoid  taking a look. Lifting my hopes up and then down to the ground is a
torturous game.

> ... I obviously can't sit here 24/7
> checking this out but I would suspect it's actually going through
> every page I have and shuffling them, some more than others. A tool to
> record this and create reports would be useful, may I suggest to the
> developers among you.

Have  you tried any of these tools where you can identify your rank for  a
given SERP across various datacentres? Maybe you can script requests?

Vis-a-vis exploitation of bandwidth using scripts (much like HotLinking),


disappeared  today.  It  was  ripping off some other  service  to  provide
PageRank  prediction to potentially vast lists of input pages. The site is
sorely missed although it had some nasty pop-ups (which could be blocked).


Roy S. Schestowitz
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