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Re: disappeared from google

__/ [C] on Tuesday 08 November 2005 16:42 \__

> Hi
> i am looking for a little help and explanation. our site was appearing top
> of a lot of google searches from our keywords. then suddenly we are not
> appearing on any of the pages at all. i could understand dropping a few
> places but to disappear completely is a bit weird

How far have you gone down the search engine results pages?

Have you tried checking if your sites exists in the index? How many pages are
indexed? In Google and MSN search you can type in


and run a query. Is it just Google or other search engines too?

> can someone shed some light on why this has happened,
> about a week ago we had some trouble with our line and it would
> intermittedly go down but apart from that very little has changed on our
> website

If your site disappeared from cyberspace at times, it's possible that it was
missed and will be later be 'picked up' again. This happened to me in

> Thanks in advance, C

oco.com.jp and www.oco.com.jp do not serve Web pages. What Web site is this?
It is hard to say anything unless one takes a glance...


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