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Re: Yahoo, MSN Don't Index or Refer

On Tue, 08 Nov 2005 05:32:18 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [Carol W] on Tuesday 08 November 2005 01:39 \__
>> On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 16:55:29 GMT, info_at_1-script_dot_com@xxxxxxx
>> (www.1-script.com) wrote:
>>>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> I  have  noticed that MSN and Yahoo index less than 5% of the pages in
>>>> my
>>>> site  while  Google  is 'aware' of the existence of them all. I  tried
>>>> to
>>>> think  if  MSN  and  Yahoo  are hindered  by  JavaScript,  but  there
>>>> are
>>>> JavaScript-free routes to all pages.
>>>> Why  is it that Yahoo and MSN will not crawl deep or at least index
>>>> pages
>>>> that  are  buried  deeper in the site? Judging by the logs,  they
>>>> consume
>>>> (spider) just about as much traffic as Google. When it comes to
>>>> referrals,
>>>> Google  delivers  almost 100 times the amount of referrals from Yahoo
>>>> and
>>>> MSN combined. How can this be?
>>>> Help appreciated,
>>>> Roy
>>>Looking at last 7 days data, I got 95% of SE traffic from Google, 2.2%
>>>from Yahoo and 0.6% from MSN.
>>>Yet, the downloaded amount data goes like this:
>>>Yahoo! Slurp: 603.6Mb
>>>msnbot: 278.5MB
>>>Googlebot (Freshbot):112.7MB
>>>Googlebot (Deepbot): 155.9Mb
>>>The only way I can see this happening is that Y and MSN do not deem my
>>>pages important enough to include in the indices, but still important
>>>enough to keep banging on them.
>> I can't talk about MSN but, in my past observations, Yahoo is pretty
>> slow in updating their index.
>That seems plausible. I wonder how they survive if that's true... maybe an
>improper search engine for anything recent.

Well look at it from Yahoo's perspective - they have a bunch of other
services they offer - some are free (but filled with advertising0 and
others they can lease to others or offer "subscriptions" to use. By
droppign their deal with Google, therefore not needign to pay Google,
it was probably cheaper to roll out their own or just modify the
procedures in use on Inktomi or AllTheWeb for their use. 

Yahoo doesn't buy another search engine just to say "I bought a search
engine" but because they can make something offered by that service
work for them. Look at eGroups - Yahoo bought it althogh they alreayd
had a posting service (Clubs) and the two would be blended together
into a "new porduct" ... all Yahoo did was move Clubs over to the
Groups interface, thereby dropping their shoddy scripting in favor of
something that worked slightly better than what they already had. (,my
opinion on that though).  

Yahoo, in my opinion, banks a lot on their name more so than anythign
else. I mean it is no secret that not many are fond of Yahoo's
customer service techniques. 


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