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Re: Is 2 better than 1

__/ [Big Bill] on Tuesday 08 November 2005 20:18 \__

> On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 18:16:47 +0000 (UTC), "Mick"
> <mickdee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I have a .com that is established and going ok.
>>Is it worth duplicating the same site with a .co.uk name and submitting to
>>search engines or is this basically cheating?

If  the contents of the .co.uk domain will be different (and usefully so),
then  and only then it's worth considering. However, for any  localisation
you  can still use a single domain and probably *should*. 2 sites lead  to
either  forking or time-consuming updates. Building up reputation for  two
domains  is harder and might be frowned upon. It may lead to loss of traf-
fic rather than a gain.

>>I want to make use of the domain anyway, what do you suggest?
>>Thanks In Advance
> Do a 301 redirect from the .co.uk to the .com. That way you get the
> same site, effectively, for the same input but you don't run any
> duplication penalty.

I'm  not  sure  there is a merit in this. Unless many people will  have  a
guess  at  your  Web address, e.g. phones.co.uk, you will simply  have  to
spread  different addressess and lead yourself, as well as others, to some
confusion  over  ambiguity. Perhaps you would like to emphasise  the  fact
that  you are based in the UK and just use the .com for the rest? Or is is
about  accumulation of addresses for self-content or projection of  status
to customers.


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