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Success Story

The following has just been posted in the SuSE newsgroup...

__/ [Postmaster] on Friday 11 November 2005 17:09 \__

> Dear Suse,
>         I thought it worthy of mention that my teenage son has
>     migrated to Suse.  He's a typical teenager and spends
>     way too much time using AIM, and surfing the web,
>     and playing games. But when it comes to technology,
>     teenagers want the latest cool stuff, and also want
>     it to work reliably. After having his Windows XP
>     PC get nuked several times by viruses, hijacks,
>     trojans, hidden vpns, adware gone wild, spyware,
>     hidden keylogger, Itunes converting all of his music into
>     non-portable garbage, infected emails, and Sony music
>     CD's installing root-kits, he made the decision that it was
>     time to install something reliable.
>         Even though his system had two hardware firewalls, a software
>     firewall, Norton, and Spybot, FireFox, and Ad-aware, the
>     system was still getting trashed by mal-ware every few weeks
>     and requiring a scratch install to get it back online. This had
>     reached the level of more than just an annoyance, it was
>     defeating the purpose of having a PC at all ! He decided it was
>     time to try something else  (Linux, MAC, anything that just works
>     reliably !) He wanted to spend his time enjoying his technology, not
>     constantly having to repair it, safeguard it, lose his work, and
>     his time.
>         The default boot is now Suse 10, but Windows XP
>     remains an option. For web surfing, AIM, and homework,
>     he uses Suse.  Only when he wishes to play a Windows
>     game, does he reboot the system into Windows.
>         He has friends that are into photography, and use MACs.
>     In the past he could not read the CDs that were created on
>     the MACs, but now he can.  He is finding many things that
>     now work, and do not require him draining his allowance.
>         The installation went easily and perfectly. Not a single
>     glitch ! All hardware was correctly identified and is working
>     perfectly. He is quickly learning the GUI, the utilities, and is very
>     happy with entire system.
>         Now when his friends say "I can't do that on my PC, how
>     did you do that"  His answer is: "Oh yeah, you're still running
>     Windows. You need to upgrade. Windows is just for playing
>     games, like your playstation or Xbox."
>     Thank you for producing a very nice alternative to the
>     Windows nightmare.
> Enjoy,
> Postmaster
> P.S.  Sometimes it takes a true novice to point out the obvious.

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