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Re: MS IntelliMouse: all systems go

__/ [Beowulf Trollshammer] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 18:05 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> As  I glance at the bottom, I can vividly see Opera and Firefox. DFS
>> sure knows  which  Web browsers ought to be installed. That Blue E  that
>>  comes pre-bundled  is  apparently not enough. Moving rightwards, I
>> notice  that rusty OE being used. As Outlook is installed, one must
>> wonder why rusty OE is  even used. Memory hog perhaps? Both Outlook and
>> OE are unstable  (seen it many times in my own eyes... people sob about
>> losing work).
> And Outlook won't even install if OE isn't present.

I never tried it, but there are implicit dependencies in Windows. They are
not too transparent but even Windows suffers from dependability. Plenty of
software will no longer run on Windows versions that are older than Windows
2000. Internet Explorer 7 requires Windows XP at the least. This pushes/will
push people towards hardware upgrades or a Linux migration.

>> On  we move to see the Windows shell ('cmd'), which is so poor in terms
>> of expressiveness.  How  can you get any work done? Even autocompletion
>> a  la Bash  does not exist.
> To be honest, it seems MickeyMou$e included (a crippled, half-assed form
> of) autocompletion with XP and 2K3.

They were always behind. Never in terms of marketing (/deceit) though...


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