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Re: Recommended Palm for development

__/ ["Emtech" <noaddress>] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 13:07 \__

> Hi
> Which Palm Handheld would you recommend for software development
> - just to learn & play with, i.e. easy to program and tools freely
> available?
> Thanks
> Pieter.

I  don't  know much about development software and compilers for Palm  OS,
but  a  quick Web search would probably find you some new tools. All  Palm
OS-powered  devices should be able to run merely any program you have  as-
suming  they are not 'ancient'. I once installed a C compiler on my  Palm,
but  it was 3 years ago and I also bound some C code to it. It was imprac-
tical  and never encouraged me to make any proper progress. My only recom-
mendations would be:

-  Get a model with a high-resolution screen as it will enable you to  see
more lines of code or make your development GUI sparser.

-  Get  a folding keyboard. I find it very frustrating when I want to  ex-
press  yourself (in either code or verbally), but the input method is just
too darn slow. This can affect your trail of thought.

I  would  recommend the Palm Tungsten X or older models from the  Tungsten
series. LifeDrives would be unnecessarily heavy and clumsy. I also suggest
that  you find out which development tools are available for free, even if
all are just for play.

Hope it helps,


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