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Re: Windows Apps Ported to Linux?

_/ [thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 16 November 2005 17:21 \_

> I'm doing some research on application availability on Linux as part of
> a paper on the maturity of the Linux software market.  There  is no
> shortage of business applications from former Unix software vendors;
> Linux has basically become the defacto heir to Unix.  I can even find
> plenty of companies that release products for both Windows and Linux
> servers.  One can also find plenty of Linux-only products that have
> come out in response to Windows-only products that have not been ported.
> What is unclear is the number of companies that started out releasing
> Windows only product, and because of market pressure ported to Linux
> also.  I see this latter case a prime measure of the maturity of the
> Linux software market.
> I am interested mostly in business software, but examples of consumer
> software are welcome also.  You can reply to this thread or reply
> via email (after making the obvious change to the reply address) and
> I will post the paper to this group when it is finished.
> Thanks!
> Thad Phetteplace
> tdphette@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*  Palm are a _questionable_ example as they have not implemented/deployed
Palm  Desktop for Linux yet. That said, they are said to be working on SDK
for  the Linux environment. They also ought to switch to the Linux  kernel
despite  the  Windows CE-powered Plam Treo 700w, which I consider to be  a
fluke. All in all, I suppose that Palm OS is not a good case study for the
Windows-to-Linux trend.

*  Novell themselves used to relish on network services for Windows.  They
now have their flagship SuSE.

* Urchin and Google? (timely mention)

* Quake 3 (ID software)

* ... [many more, big & small]


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