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Re: knode and header fintering

  • Subject: Re: knode and header fintering
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 06:23:35 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.windows.x.kde
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [Solbu] on Friday 18 November 2005 17:26 \__

> Is it possible to add _CUSTOM_ headers to filter in knode?
> For those of you who also read the alt.os.linux.mandrake group
> there has been a flood of spam there the last two days.

That flood has moved to comp.os.linux.misc, which makes it very unpleasant to
read. I fully understand why you need that filter.

> The spammer have a custom header (Dan_C)
> and I want to "kill off" all posts that have this specific header.
> Now, how may I do that in knode?

I don't think it would be trivial, but...

__/ [Thomas Overgaard] on Friday 18 November 2005 19:33 \__

> Yes. Just pick any header and highlight the text and press delete. Then
> the header field is empty and you can write your own.

Not addressing the real question? Simply a misunderstanding? The later reply
suggests otherwise.

__/ [Solbu] on Sunday 20 November 2005 17:26 \__

> I think you missed my question. Maybe because I was unclear.)
> I do not want to ADD a header in my own posts. I know how to do that. :-)
> I want to be able to pick one of _Your_ custom header (should you have one)
> and make knode Not show your posts if I wanted to.
> Or more specific:
> I want to make knode hide any posts having the header "Dan_C"
> or any post having a specific "NNTP-Posting-Host" so I do not see it.

__/ [Matt Gibson] on Sunday 20 November 2005 19:30 \__

> Did you try what was suggested? ...

I am lost here. Did you contact Solbu in a different newsgroup or off-list
(NG)? Or are you referring to Thomas' advice?

> ...Like Thomas said, just overtype any of the
> standard headers in the filtering screen with whatever header you want. 
> E.g. on the scoring screen, under "conditions" for a new rule, type over
> the "From" with "NNTP-Posting-Host".

My version of KNode does not support it, but I see what you mean now. It is
probably too late to filter out the spam flood. This seems to have reached
an end. This might come handy in the future though.

Looking back at the thread, I realise that I caught up only as I went
along... bad post... *bashful* ignore it...


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