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Re: Gimp shadow Layer

  • Subject: Re: Gimp shadow Layer
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 05:27:55 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.graphics.apps.gimp
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [Michael] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 19:01 \__

> Jan wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am trying to make the switch from photoshop to The Gimp, and is seems to
>> be working out fine... But I have some questions, mainly about the shadow
>> of a layer.
>> In photoshop you can set a layer to drop a shadow with the blending
>> options of that layer. If the layer changes, moves, ... the shadow changes
>> also.
>> In the Gimp I have found a way to drop a shadow (Script-Fu -> Shadow ->
>> drop
>> shadow. It could be a little different in Englisch,  because I have the
>> dutch version, and the menu's are named differently).
>> But the main problem I have with that is that if the layer changes, the
>> shadow doesnt change, and that there is a new layer with the shadow in it.
>> So is there a way to do it like in photoshop? that the shadow changes with
>> the layer?
>> And another thing, how do I set the language to Englisch, and not to
>> Dutch? Because I didnt chose to have it in dutch...
>> Thx a lot
>> Kind regards
>> Jan
> First, as for the language part, did you use an rpm package to install ??
> If so thepackage should use the default for your system, which I take to be
> Dutch ??  If you install from source than you should probably
> try:  ./configure --help to get a list of configuration options.  I don't
> remember if language is an option you can choose or not.  You also may
> consider changing your default settings for you OS.  Which is ???

That's  what I suspected: wrong installation or wrong option chosen at one
stage  or another. It is worth re-installing. Either your system indicated
that  Dutch should be the default language or the downloads page used some
localised re-direction to have you download a Dutch version (I see you are
from Belgium).

> As for the drop shadow...When GIMP creates a drop shadow it creates a new
> layer.  If you want the shadow to have the same properties as the layer
> that it is the shadow of you can either 1: manually select the drop shadow
> layer each time you change the layer it is the shadow of or 2: merge the
> shadow with that layer.  Go to the layers menu, right click on on drop
> shadow layer which is created 'above' the original layer and click on
> 'merge down'.  Now the original layer is merged with its' shadow and any
> operation to this layer will apply to everything on that layer, unless you
> make a sub-selection on that layer first.

It  sounds as though Photoshop simply erases the shadow layer and  re-ren-
ders  (re-generates) it every time the 'top' layer is changed. It's merely
an  automation,  I suppose. Since shadows are rendered in a  newly-created
layer,  all you need to do to modify shadows is to erase the shadow  layer
and create a new one to replace it.

Hope it helps,


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