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Re: Which Budget Laptop: Acer, HP, Fujitsu, Toshiba ??

__/ [MS] on Wednesday 23 November 2005 13:07 \__

> Paul Rubin emailed this:
>>>All Dells --despite being competetive-- were never considered on the
>>>basis of the terrible treatment I received from them
>> Yeah, we used Dell stuff at my last job and the hardware seemed good,
>> but I never forgave them for spamming me to death with printed catalogs
>> years ago and not stopping no matter how much I asked them.  It caused
>> me considerable hassle.
> I still get lots of snailmail spam from them, fortunately it's clearly
> marked DELL, so it goes straight in the bin and is never opened.
> Do you know anything about the Novatech Maverick range?
> Thanks and regards.

All that I happen to know is that a couple of days ago, someone compained
about a screen in one of their laptops. Apart from that, I have seen them
recommended, once at least.

They also sell AMD laptops, units without an operating system (i.e. without
Microsoft OEM's) and I would definitely go for a small(er) company that has
plenty to prove and is thus ambitious. Customer support is not an automated
message and no marketting department is capable of generating so much
uninvited junk mail.


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