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Re: PageRank and Wordpress: www.boyer-draeby.dk don't have any

__/ [.:J:.] on Thursday 24 November 2005 09:09 \__

> Cheers
> How does Google linke a Blog software like Wordpress ? I've got this
> little new blog-site, but Google hasn't even given it one PR :(
> Does anyone have experience with optimizing Wordpress (ver 1.5) for SE
> ??
> http://www.boyer-draeby.dk could use a new set of eyes, thx
> Jakob
> jadr
> .:J:.


WordPress  is  very SEO-friendly, but I once raised the issue of  PageRank
leaks,  which  I believe will be fixed, at least manually (make  sure  you
rel="nofollow" pages with little or no content). Version 2.0 is coming out
soon  as feature freeze was called last week. Be sure to upgrade.  Nothing
from 1.5 should break as 2.0 is truly 1.6 renamed.

Apart  from  that,  looking briefly at your site, you need  more  incoming
links (I can find none pointing to the front page, so try to get listed in
other  people's blogrolls). You also need to wait until the next  PageRank
toolbar(s)  update, which is a month or two away I believe? Your site  was
registered  in February 2002. Has it not been active since? I notice  that
your  blog is less than a month old, so I expect no PageRank and no  links
that  are /displayed/. The design is nice and it re-uses the template of a
fellow Dane.

Best wishes and good luck...


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