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Re: good file manager for Linux?

__/ [Mark Kent] on Wednesday 23 November 2005 22:30 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Lee Sau Dan <danlee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>>>> "Roy" == Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>    Roy> It sounds like the 'find as you type' paradigm, which is very
>>    Roy> valuable in Firefox.
>>     >> I was so glad when Firefox eventually got it. No more searching
>>     >> with the naked eye for keywords on a lengthy web page.
>>    Roy> Mozilla has been able to do that for quite some time.
>> Lynx  has  got search  like  'more'/'less'  more  than 10  years  ago.
>> (That's one big reason I liked to use lynx to read documentations that
>> are in HTML format.)

It all predates me, I suspect.

>>    Roy> Speaking of 'find as you type', the nice thing about Firefox
>>    Roy> is that it puts hyperlinks that are found in focus. In my
>>    Roy> portal, for example, I can get to each link by matching a
>>    Roy> short string to it, then hitting ENTER. Try it if you haven't
>>    Roy> (F3 to skip if there are 'collisions').
>> And you  can restrict your search  to only link texts  by starting the

That's very valuable. Thanks.

> Lynx remains, even after all these years (since it first appeared as a
> gopher option from the ITU and Cern) an excellent browser.  It picked up
> most of the simple keystroke approach of gopher, with the excellent
> built-in help.  It remains a stunningly fast browser, whose only GUI
> competition in speed terms would be dillo.  I recall someone suggesting
> a framebuffer version of links would be really good, but I've not seen
> it get widespread useage.  w3m is a really good solution to the frames
> problem, and links also offers an excellent route for frame rendering.
> w3m does provide a simple route for shelling a lynx instance for those
> "w3m/links doesn't provide" moments, as well.
> As you say, searching in Lynx has always been trivial, and its slightly
> surprising to see such a fundamental requirement being listed as a "so
> glad when xx.yy got it".

You are right, but it was rather new to me when I discovered it. I also
discovered tabbed browsing later then I should have.


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