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Re: Suggestions for solution - command shell web interface ??

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I guess I misunderstood your needs. PHP Shell allows me to get a 'peephole' into my Web host's servers. It also gives greater flexibility, but not much beyond it.

No problem - your other suggestion was much more useful.

The site does say for the use of Duke university only, so I would like
to run my own copy, rather than have a program that prints that message,
but it looks good. But it is GPL'ed so that should be OK.

It has been on-line for at least 2 years and has never changed (unless my
visual memory betrays me). You can probably rely on it. It perpetuates.

My concern is that I might want to use this where someone might complain about the use of "illegal software", or "misuse of computers" or similar rubbish.

I must use VNC for particular aspects of my job. Many Linux distributions
support it out-of-the-box, yet I dislike it in general. Fortunately, all is
moving Webwards, to an on-line front-end with full access to the database,
so I have not VNC'd for months.

I've never had a lot of success with VNC. The free version only supports 256 colours, which produces absolutely ghastly colours on some combinations of computers Suns and PCs.

It's also not encrypted in any way. For some reason the latest version seems to keep rejecting the password I just set with vncpasswd.

The commercial version (which I think contravenes the GPL), supports more colours. Seems I am not the only one to think that about VNC and the GPL.


Bear in mind that it requires Java Runtime Environment (if I recall
correctly). All modern O/S's appear to come with JRE pre-packaged, so no

I am not so sure about Windoze any more. Java is a free download from Sun's web site for Windoze, but I don't think MS can distribute it any more. Still, not such a big problem.

Cheers Roy. The problem is solved !! If I could find a decent X version
which would allow a GUI so I could plot sensible graphs from the program
it would be even better, but that will do what I need.

Which operating system?


If Mac, you could use X. If Windows, you could either
use CygWin

I'd rather something that can be run from a browser without being installed.

I have not tried it recently, but I think Putty can be run from their site, without installing. At least it could when I wrote this some time back


I am not on a Winblows machine so can not test this now.

Dave K


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It is always of the form: month-year@domain. Hitting reply will work
for a couple of months only. Later set it manually. The month is
always written in 3 letters (e.g. Jan, not January etc)

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