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Re: Home Cinema Speakers and Flourescent

__/ [angvee] on Monday 12 September 2005 09:15 \__

> Hi,
> After a bit of advice :
> 1. I am completely redoing main living area and want to put speaker wires
> for home theatre in wall. Can anyone recommend type of cable and where to
> buy it from? This is fir a home theater kit and speaker wires aren't that
> big.

You will probably need standard speaker cables that are composed of two
thick wires, typically one with a line upon it and one without. These are
often black or red too. I am afraid I do not know the technical
name/number. You can buy these by the meter (or boxed) in large DIY stores 
or shops that stock electronics.

You might also wish to look into those small plastic hooks with a nails on
them. They allow you to bind the wires tightly to the walls, thereby
avoiding wire trails.

> 2. I have seen some led room lighting kits which change the colour of the
> room, ie they ar e fitted around the room and flood the room with light.
> Any one know any more about these and where to buy?
> thanks,
> ang

Flourescent light of this kind can be purchased in the same places as
mentioned above. More simply, consider doing it the "cheap way" as I do.
Get some cellophane from a local stationery use it to wrap the light
source, ensuring it does not get too hot. If put too close to the light,
this might burn or melt the cellophane. It the lights are not visible to
the human eye directly, then you can use duct tape quite crudely.

Hope it helps,


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