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Re: Use of Dogpile

__/ [Gymdandy@xxxxxxxxx] on Monday 12 September 2005 06:44 \__

> Ever since Yahoo stopped using Google for it's searches, I have been
> using Yahoo to look up searches, IN ADDITION to Google, to get the best
> results and it works well

I found that Yahoo contained too much spam. Too poor a signal-to-noise

> Running across Dogpile, I found it was one of the few metasearch engines
> that polls Google and Yahoo and also MSN, among others.

Sounds good in theory, does it not?

If you take mushroom soup, a steak, some ice-cream and mix them all together
in a blender, then and only then, you would get the perfect meal, right?

> Question is, is there any reason not to go full time to dogpile and just
> use that. I've experimented a little and the results seem consistant in
> that Dogpile will always return Google, Yahoo and MSN the same as when
> looked up seperately.

There are sites that I came across which display results from several
engines side-by-side, i.e. you search several engines in parallel and have
a busy results page.

> But that is just my own limited experiment.
> So does Dogpile consistantly return same results as other engines when
> looked up thru each search engine individually?
> Thanks

It should definitely do that provided that it uses the API's correctly. I
can think of an exception. A site that I use for generating RSS from Google
SERP's aggregates too many nested results. It is still fairly decent.

Hope it helps,


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