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Re: JavaScript to Fetch Text

__/ [Neredbojias] on Monday 12 September 2005 18:23 \__

> With neither quill nor qualm, Roy Schestowitz quothed:
>> To rephrase my request as you were not sure what I meant, I seek to grab
>> text from http://example.org/data.txt and then embed it in a <span>, for
>> instance, in http://example.com/page.html. data.txt gets updated all the
>> time, hence it needs to be grabbed. If JavaScript was disabled, there
>> would be no harm either.
> The "grabbing the text" part is the difficulty, especially if it's
> dynamic.  I know of no way to "address" plain text (files) with simple
> javascript (from another source).  What I've done in the past is put my
> text, which is static, in a .js file and call it from a regular html
> page.  The text itself had to be loaded into variables inside the .js
> file so it could be manipulated from within the html page.  You might
> say it was a "poor man's include".

I thought of simpler solutions, but I am afraid there are none. I output
text to a file every 10 minutes and I want to send it to the Web server.
More easily, I am able to make the output public and fetch it from the Web
server to be included (dynamically) as part of a file that resides on the
server. So essentially I want to mix data from two computers to make up a
single page. I can do that with images (HotLinking), but not with text,

> This doesn't sound like what you want but you should be able to accept
> that if you've ever been married.

*LOL* I began to lose interest in that file grabbing idea. It appears to be
more complex than I initially speculated (one of those silly ideas that
crop up while walking in the street). Let's wait and see if Vlad can come
up with an easy fix, exchanging file with a URL that it remote.


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