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Re: How can I stop my processes being monitored?

Roy Schestowitz wrote

> __/ [Charles Sweeney] on Monday 12 September 2005 10:39 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote
>>> Not cheat, win [sarsasm]. The reason I would not play a boardgame on
>>> the 'Net is because I never know if the opponent uses an engine to
>>> make decisions. Everyone loses: the person who practically lost and
>>> the person who never /truly/ won.
>> I play chess online.  The system can tell if a person is using a
>> computer to make their moves.  The person then automatically loses
>> the match.
> I don't believe that's possible. My gradfather used to have a pocket
> Chess device, so spying, in theory, would not have been an issue.
> Moreover, there are random seeds, so moves are unpredictable. I can
> say this with a fair bit of confidence because I built an Othello
> program only several years ago: http://othellomaster.com/

Possible or not, they do it!  I have won a game this way, a notice comes 
up and tells me I have won by "adjudication".  It is widely discussed on 
the chess site http://worldchessnetwork.com , and is a known rule.

In the game I played, I couldn't believe how the guy managed to wriggle 
out of a very bad position, and was turning it into a winning position, 
when the "adjudication" notice came up, which certainly explained it for 

This is from their FAQ http://tinyurl.com/cygct

"Automatic adjudication may occur if the World Chess Network detects 
that you or your opponent is using computer assistance, since computer 
assistance is prohibited on the World Chess Network"

Like I said, I don't know how they do it.

Charles Sweeney

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