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Re: LyX for HTML & PDF Documentation

__/ [bringmewater@xxxxxxxxx] on Thursday 15 September 2005 20:22 \__

> Roy,  I looked at the LyX page first before looking at docbook and it
> seemed pretty steep in the learning curve.

I beg to differ. The main habit change that is involved is often the need to
mark/label text in a meaningful way.

> Can you please tell me if
> there are any good beginner examples on how to write a simple book that
> has table of contents and index generated when you export them into
> multiple html files or a single pdf?  I am VERY interested but some
> tools seem very complicated.
> Thanks again !
> John

You have raised an important point here. You wish to have a tool that is not
more complicated than typical WYSIWYG tools. In addition, you wish to have
a table of contents and an HTML framework that is logically fragmented.

In order for this to be possible, you must explicitly define a meaningful
structure in the document, which is something that HTML does by having
<h1>, <h2> and so forth, or even more usefully, taking another step and
adding semantics, e.g. <h1 class="chapter"> and h2 class="section">. LyX
allows you to do all of this and then export your document by simply using
the menus.

I suggest that you read a recent discussion in alt.html, particularly:


__/ [bringmewater@xxxxxxxxx] added on Thursday 15 September 2005 20:25 \__

> Also, is there a way to do this task in EITHER windows or linux because
> we have users on both platforms and would like to author
> collaboratively.  Thanks !

Linux, Mac and even Windows are all well-catered for. Files can be
transferred from one platform to another without any conflicts. The
QT-based GUI is identical too.


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