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Re: Site Spam Problems

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Saturday 17 September 2005 17:12 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> 4) Spam protection mechanisms deter feedback, e.g. CAPTCHA, message
>>> length restrictions
>> Mine is 40 characters at the moment. A comment of less then 40
>> characters often is "Cool!", "OMG, that's so C00l", etc. and of
>> course the spam I see.
> Many of the comments I get are from readers who just wish to express
> concent or urge me to continue posting.

I don't need that ;-)

> If I had imposed a limit of 40
> characters on top of what I already have, I would get even fewer
> comments 

I stopped adding comments like "OMG you're sooo cool, and you're site 
too" :-D.

> Speaking of message scale, spammers sometimes write more lengthy
> messages than actual people.

Not seen yet. Note: what I do works in my case, and I doubt that 40 
characters is a too strict limit. 

> You must never assume. Spammers adapt
> until they properly emulate the people, in accordance with current
> posting trends.

Yup, I could write such a program. OTOH, &#64; seems still to be a very 
big hurdle for spammers (in web pages).
> REMEMBER: The frustration of being unable to post can drive away a
> regular reader.

Yup, but I doubt there is any message of less then 40 characters I want 
to add anyway.

> I was once trackbacked by someone who repeatedly tried
> to post a lengthy comment without success. I wonder how many try and
> then simply leave without writing an entire new post just to
> incorporate and accommodate the comment they have composed. This
> worries me at times. Everyone loses.

I don't want to make posting a comment too hard, but also I want 
meaningfull comments. I mean, maintaining a blog takes a lot of my time 
at the moment, so I expect quality feed back ;-).

Anyway, I had a peek:

Very interesting blog!
Very nice site!
Thank you for the info!
Realy good site!
Just to say hellow!

Longest is 23 characters, so I'll set the limit at 30 if someone posts 
an URL too, 10 otherwise ;-) (Yes, I do listen now and then, but don't 
count on it).

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