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Re: problems with Avantgo?

__/ [Gary Goodman] on Tuesday 20 September 2005 18:24 \__

> Every time I try to access Avantgo on my Treo, it makes me put in my user
> name & password. Then the programs tells me to sync. When I try to do that
> (wirelessly), the thing goes through part of the process and concludes
> with the message of "Database open failed"
> If I sync through the desktop, nothing happens, not even an error message.
> I've verified that I'm using the correct password and Account name.
> Any clues or hints?
> Gary

Being a little useless here, may I suggest that you try to re-install
AvantGo on both sides (desktop and handheld)? It sounds as if a 'rotten'
state may have been reached as "Database open failed" might suggest.

I used to be using AvantGo and never had a problem. Fixing things 'by hand'
is often more time-consuming (overall, as in many aspects of computing)
than a re-installation that kicks things back into working order with a
default behaviour. As your channels and information are on the Web, none
will be lost apart from application-specific settings like fonts.

Hope it helps,


PS - Apologies if the answer does not serve any practical purpose or solves
the problem directly.

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