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Re: Another XGL Video: Holy Moses!

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ M ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 15:46 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> __/ [ Handover Phist ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 01:38 \__
>>>> Roy Schestowitz blithely blithered
>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/v/-CgqWlX_GsI (Streaming Flash)
>>>>> This videos makes OS X and Vista look like they have some catching up
>>>>> to do.
>>>> Oh man that is sweeeeeeet!
>>> Try the AVI. It is far clearer, albeit almost 60 MB in size. Oddly
>>> enough, a friend of mine who has been using Linux for many years didn't
>>> even know about XGL, until now. People must be told /and/ shown this!
>>> It's the only way to embarrass OS X and Windows and make people realise
>>> that Linux is well ahead, *even* in terms of /presentation/, which to
>>> many is perceived as the weak spot of GNU/Linux. Many still believe it's
>>> command-line-based.
>> All very clever stuff, very impressive, but I'm not entirely what the
>> point is.
>> There seems to be a basic error in KDE which are their forms. They put
>> them in a window that the user is able to re-size, but don't re-size the
>> controls to fit. I went to System Settings -> Sound & Multimedia ->
>> System Notifications -> Pressed the 'More' in the Actions bit, page fell
>> of the bottom, no way to re-size it, close then reopen the window and the
>> bottom bit is missing.
>> I'd rather they got these basic errors sorted out first, before spending
>> time on eye candy that seems to be of limited value.
>> Regards,
>> M
> This happens in Mozilla applications as well. It is a side effect of being
> overly  lenient  and permissive when it comes to layout, skins,  customis-
> ability,  sizes,  etc. Third-parties and openness likewise. What it  boils
> down  to it a lot of testing or an iron fist that does not permit too much
> intervention from the outside.
> I  agree nontheless. This needs to be rectified and I can see the improve-
> ment in both Mozilla and KDE (I use multiple versions in different sites).
> GNOME, in that sense is 'cleaner'. It is never half-baked and it is diffi-
> cult  to  make it look hideous. You rarely get white fonts on  pale  back-
> ground, for instance.
> Font  and size problems are rather common when you do things over SSH, but
> the nature of the import (e.g. pointer type changes when hovering over im-
> ported  windows)  only comes to show how challenging it can all  be.  With
> many distributions around, it is only made /more/ difficult. If I SSH from
> Ubuntu to SuSE, for example, what happens with fonts? In 95% of the cases,
> all  is fine. What happens when I run a Fedora kicker or a gnome-panel  in
> SuSE?  All goes well and I even get my native application bound to the ex-
> ternal  taskbars. Quite amazing given the complexity of the problem!  It's
> perplexing.
> Linux is powerful. It offer power, which leads to its weaknesses. One such
> weakness  was described by youself. KDE is merely a module. It is separate
> from  X,  from  fonts, from the Linux kernel even. Everything  is  modular
> rather than come as one chunk of clunky Play-Doh which only interacts well
> with Play-Doh of the same colour (Windows).

I accept what you say, and agree linux is very powerfull. However unleashing
that power, can on occasions, be a bit of an up hill struggle. 

I think it is things like the problem that I outlined, that often put some
people off. I have found that I can correct the problem (at least to some
degree) by going into the settings via Konqueror.

I really like linux and for the most part enjoy using it, but on occasions
there are bits of that are either very frustrating or just plain annoying.
I have even started using XFce. Even though it's a lightweight window
manager, it still manages to annoy me that you can't tinker with the menus

The secret with linux seems to be persistence :-)



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