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Re: Microsoft Tells OEM's How to Design Vista-Tailored Computers

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 02 August 2006 13:57 \__

> Yes, Allchin seems to be fairly frank.  It was he who released the
> story of the malware even Microsoft couldn't remove:
> http://www.itworld.com/Man/2676/nls_solutinons_vista060525/index.html
> On another topic, I see nothing in the article (about MS telling
> hardware vendors how to design their hardware) that the changes they
> are asking for are anything but cosmetic, that is, they seem to be
> trying to match the elegance of design that has always been Apple's
> forte.  Especially important now that Apple is in the x86 market, too.
> But in particular, I see nothing that says that they are trying to have
> the hardware designed so it will only work with Windows.  Not that I'd
> put it past them.

...You know, my mother's box has got some sort of a carved-in large Blue E
(Explorer) on her mini-tower. I am also thinking along the lines of
manufacturing something that goes neatly in tandem with Microsoft products
(e.g. keyboards, mice). It is all likely to extend.

Come to consider boxes like the eMac (used one for years), which are not
tolerable to non-Mac equipment... not even if Linux gets installed on that
PowerPC. Microsoft is on the verge of making hardware design decisions. XBox
and Zune already shatter their original mission statement which is to
concentrate on software.

Best wishes,


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